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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Just to make life a bit more 'interesting' my laptop crashed last night - partition problem or a dying hard drive, we think! So I am now accessing all my stuff thrugh Andrew's laptop until we get my monster sorted... or sent to the scrap heap to be replaced!! Lucky that I am not taking the laptop with me on the trip!

There is now just under 2 weeks until I leave for Perth > Paraburdoo - really starting to become excited about this adventure through the Red Centre with Annie. However, I am not so sure Andrew is as excited about being left on his own to mind house, bill paying, shopping, garden and dog as well as working long hours! I know he will cope just fine - as he always does when I am away! Maybe he will have sold our house by the time I return! That would be WONDERFUL!!! :)

After arriving in Tom Price, I'll have a day or two to look around the area then help Annie pack the car before we leave. Yay! :)

More later...

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