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Friday, May 1, 2009


Exciting news! Annie has just told me that our first camping stop will be at the magnificent Karijini National Park (The Hamersley Ranges), not far from Tom Price. Fantastic! The gorges there are absolutely stunning - the whole landscape is something to behold, so I am really looking forward to this first stop and taking loads of photos! By camping here as our first stop, not only do I get a look at this beautiful National Park but it also allows us to check out all our gear and make sure we haven't forgotten anything!!

This is a very good link with fantastic photos of this incredible area: http://www.stewartmacdonald.com.au/blog/2008/05/karijini-national-park/

This is my last weekend at home with Andrew and Bekky, so as excited as I am about this trip, I will be a bit sad about leaving my 2 darlings behind in the cold Bowral weather! I will miss you both heaps. xx

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