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Sunday, May 24, 2009


We've had a lovely relaxing 3 days here in Alice Springs - well, mostly! Bit of washing, having the car serviced and re-arranging the way the car is packed. :) Met some lovely people here in the Wintersun Caravan Park and made a visit to the nearby Desert Park today, which was truly wonderful and inspirational. Quite amazing just what lives and grows in the desert.

With our energy recharged and ready for the beginning of the final leg, we will set off tomorrow for Gemtree, visiting the Standley Chasm first. With a bit of luck, all the flooding in Northern NSW and Southern Queensland will have subsided by the time we reach that far! The B&B that Annie is minding in Mount Warning, has been totally cut off for a number of days!!

Stay tuned for our third week on the road. :)