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Sunday, May 17, 2009


We have now reached Warakurna Roadhouse near the Rawlinson Ranges, just a few hundred k's from Yulara and Uluru! (Ayers Rock) We have set up our tent and seeing as we have free wi-fi we thought we'd take advantage of that... and it's after 5pm NT time so drinks in hand too!!! So far it has been a great roadtrip with lots of interesting sights and experiences. The road is no worse than anything in The Pilbara or the backroads through Wombeyan Caves! We have seen a helluva lot more camels than cars over the last 500+ kms! In fact, we could count on our hands how many vehicles we've passed and still have fingers left! We camped overnight at Tjukayirla Roadhouse last night and had a lovely night there. This campsite is amazing - SO clean fantastic camp kitchen with power and very friendly management. The campsite is behind simple gates and a fence to keep out the camels and uninvited guests!!! We were the only campers until we were joined at our HUGE camp fire by 3 lovely European travellers, so it turned into a very interesting and cosy night.

Here at the Warakurna roadhouse it is once again, very nice, very friendly and very peaceful... and FREE Wi-fi!! We've just been invited to join a mob of other campers here around a big central camp fire. Sounds good to us!!

Until next time - nite, nite and keep following us! Having a few image upload issuses, so photos later.

P.S. Whilst here at Warakurna, we also visited the nearby Giles Weather Station for a guided hour long tour - for free! Very interesting and fascinating to watch a weather balloon being sent up along with all the other manual recording done at this original weather station which dates back to 1956.