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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I sent Annie an email a few days ago, checking with her what I should or should NOT bring with me and if there was anything else she could think of that I needed to bring with me. She answered it beautifully...

'Cant think of anything else you need to bring - just your smile, an open mind to absorb the experience and a large jar of resilience to turn the thousands of kilometres into an adventure!'

Isn't that fabulous!?

So, today I started to sort through what I wanted to bring and what needed to stay or be thrown out! I was ruthless! I ended up throwing out a lot of old clothes hiding in the depths of the wardrobe and the same ruthless attention was heaped upon the bathroom cabinet! An awful lot of half used, unused and old bottles and jars of lotion, potions, creams, shampoos etc. were ditched... something I had been meaning to do for a long time! Great morning! And my duffel bag still weighs under half the allowed Qantas baggage allowance! Even with the last things added, it will struggle to reach 20 kilos. Am very impressed with that!

Last night I spoke with Annie on the phone and we went over last minute details before I leave on Saturday. We are well prepared power-wise - from solar-powered battery chargers to 240v battery chargers, solar-powered light, big torches, little torches, car-battery operated compressor with a light, extension lead, power-board AND a little inverter that I will bring into which we can plug in a number of chargers and even Annie's laptop! I think we have it all covered when it comes to power!!! :)

That's all for this post - I may get another one in before my departure for Perth, but if not - the next one will be from the roadside somewhere!

Ciao for now!